Mexican Soprano to Perform in Indigenous Mixe Opera

Soprano María Reyna. Photo: Cenart


Mexican soprano singer María Reyna will offer an operatic concert dedicated to the indigenous Mixe people, who live in the eastern highlands of the central state of Oaxaca, in a one-night performance at the National Center for the Arts (Cenart) on Saturday, May 21.

The concert, titled “Orgullosa Soy Raíz” (“I am Proud of my Roots”), will include a repertoire in Mixe, Zapotec, Nahuatl, Maya, Mixtec and Spanish songs, accompanied by the works’ composer, pianist Joaquín Garzón.

Soprano María Reyna. Photo: Cenart

“Orgullosa Soy Raíz” is part of the Ópera Mixe project, which fuses classical music,
Impressionism and jazz, with native Mexican music.

Reyna and Garzón will be accompanied by Jorge José Domínguez (clarinet and saxophone), Carlos Bazán (double bass), Jorge Galindo (drums and percussion) and Rodrigo Garzón (keyboards).

The exceptional concert has previously been presented at the National Auditorium, the Teatro Juárez in Oaxaca, Chapultepec Castle, the Manuel M. Ponce Hall of the National Fine Arts Palace, the International Year of the Mother Language festival in the National College of Mexico, Mexico City’s Zócalo, the IV Festival of Indigenous Peoples in Chihuahua, the X World Meeting on Values in Monterrey and the International Book Fair in Santiago, Chile.

In 2020, Reyna participated in the “Decade of the Language 2022-2032” colloquium, organized by UNESCO and Mexico City’s Secretariat of Culture.

Cenart is located at Avenida Río Churubusco 79 in Mexico City’s Colonia Country Club Churubusco (phone: 55-4155-0000).

The concert will be performed on Saturday, May 21, at 7 p.m., in Cenart’s Blas Galindo Auditorium.

Tickets cost 150 pesos per person and can be purchased at the door or through

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