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Embroiled Jalisco Real Estate Company Owner Commits Suicide

By MARK LORENZANA Luis Oswaldo Espinoza Marín, a lawyer and owner of the real estate agency and law firm Professional Legal Advisors (AJP) in the Mexican central-western state of Jalisco, committed suicide on the afternoon of Saturday, Aug. 6, by shooting himself in the head after agents from the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office went to his residence in the municipality of Zapopan. The agents were

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Hidalgo Doctor’s Death Gets Global Attention

By THE PULSE NEWS MEXICO STAFF The controversial death of a Hidalgo-based physician while in police custody gained international media attention on Sunday, June 13, as family members and doctors across the state demonstrated in protest of her untimely demise. Although the facts surrounding the case remain blurry, apparently the 29-year-old Beatriz Hernández was arrested following a traffic accident in

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