Deceased Mexican physician Beatriz Hernández. Photo: Facebook


The controversial death of a Hidalgo-based physician while in police custody gained international media attention on Sunday, June 13, as family members and doctors across the state demonstrated in protest of her untimely demise.

Although the facts surrounding the case remain blurry, apparently the 29-year-old Beatriz Hernández was arrested following a traffic accident in Progreso de Obregón, Hidalgo, on Wednesday, June 9.

According to police reports, Hernández was intoxicated at the time, and was arrested on charges of driving under the influence of alcohol.

According to a press release issued by local authorities, Hernández was sent to a retention area before police took a break to eat. When they returned, they found that Hernández was dead.

The municipal government said on social media that before her death, Hernández was visited by a man who said he was her father.

She was later found “suspended by an object around her throat,” it said.

But according her father, he found her severely beaten and went to seek legal assistance. When he returned, he said, she was dead.

The arresting officers have since been detained and the Hidalgo Attorney General’s Office is now investigating the case.



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