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Mexico Ranks Third Globally in Covid Fatalities

By KELIN DILLON According to new data from Johns Hopkins University, Mexico currently ranks in third place worldwide for covid-19 fatalities, only eclipsed by Yemen and Peru globally. The fatality rate is determined by the proportion of deceased persons in comparison to the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases, standing in contrast to mortality rate, which is determined through the

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Saudi Envoy Says Iran Cannot Be Trusted

By THÉRÈSE MARGOLIS     Just as U.S. President Donald J. Trump was blasting Iran at the United Nations General Assembly for “sowing chaos, death and destruction,” Saudi Arabian Ambassador to Mexico Hammad al-Rowaily said on Tuesday, Sept. 25, that Tehran has already violated its 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) promises to the West to limit its nuclear development to peaceful

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Yemen’s Great Divide

By THÉRÈSE MARGOLIS     If there is a single nation on Earth today that is closest to the verge of collapse, it is Yemen. Since the splintered country’s grisly civil war first erupted seven years ago, more than 10,000 civilians have died, according to United Nations’ estimates (although Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates adamantly reject these figures). And, with

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