Mexico Ranks Third Globally in Covid Fatalities

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According to new data from Johns Hopkins University, Mexico currently ranks in third place worldwide for covid-19 fatalities, only eclipsed by Yemen and Peru globally.

The fatality rate is determined by the proportion of deceased persons in comparison to the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases, standing in contrast to mortality rate, which is determined through the proportion of deaths in comparison to a region’s total population.

Johns Hopkins confirmed that the fatality data doesn’t mean that Mexico and the other countries topping the fatalities list “necessarily accumulate the majority of deaths in general,” pointing out that Mexico ranked 10th in accumulated deaths globally over the past 28-day period.

The university went on to mention a number of factors that could affect a country’s calculated fatality rate, including increased testing capacities, demographic variations in population ages, and the resources available within a country’s pre-established health care infrastructure.

As of the Jan. 3 data, Mexico currently holds a 7.5 percent death rate among covid-19 cases, 12.1 and 1.3 percent lower than Yemen and Peru’s respective fatality rates.

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