Pasta and Tequila

Photo: Nonna


Nonna, the traditional Italian restaurant in Colonia Condesa, is revamping its menu for 2018, and the new bill of fare includes a selection of innovative cocktails prepared with Tequila Tres Generaciones.

Nonna’s new a la carte menu also includes seven fresh gastronomic creations, ranging from hand-rolled cannelloni stuffed with spinach, pine seeds and raisins in a creamy, white wine and parmesan sauce with sprinkled pomegranate seeds to a dish of Italian meatballs with polenta purée and fried wild mushrooms.

There is also a new tempura pumpkin flower offering filled with melted goat cheese and served with a tangy passionflower paste.

For dessert, the restaurant now offers sweet cannoli filled with ricotta cheese and ripe red fruits topped with a sensuous port sauce.

The new cocktails run the gamut from a Crystalline Sour, made from three-times distilled Tres Generaciones tequila mixed with lemon and orange extract, to a sweet Violet, derived from tequila embellished with blueberries, cranberries, plums and grape juice.

Those who want a hit of nourishment with their alcohol will want to try out Nonna’s Green Life cocktail, made from tequila, pineapple, cucumber and fresh mint leaves.

All of the new bar recipes will be available at Nonna starting in January.

The gastronomic additions to the menu are already available.


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