Skincare for Men: 101



It’s no secret that a man’s facial skin is different from that of a woman.

It’s thicker, and coarser, and exposed to a whole lot more abuse, starting with a daily bout with a razorblade.

And then there is that matter of testosterone, which as men age decreases, leading to less firmness and reduced elasticity (which, if you guys are reading this, translates into sagging skin).

The upside of this biological differences is that men usually begin to show signs of aging later than women, but the downside is that once they do, those telltale wrinkles are generally deeper than their female counterpart’s and the sagging is far more extreme.

And while a few lines may add character to a male face (at least, it seems to work for the likes of George Clooney and Michael Douglas), most men are not in any hurry to slap on wrinkles.

Skincare should be a fundamental part of every man’s daily grooming routine. Photo: Oriflame

Because a man’s skin is different from that of a woman’s, he needs a different approach to skincare.

And the products that work for a woman are not going to have the same effect on a man.

Simply put: Female skincare products are suited to females, not males.

Men need products that are tailored to their own chemistry and skin type.

Because a man’s facial skin is typically thicker than woman’s, it is less likely to be sensitive to ingredients in facial cleansers and moisturizers.

That means they can and should use stronger products than a woman would, because they have a thicker skin to penetrate and a heavy layer of epidermis to lift.

And finally, that message is beginning to hit home, both with men and the global cosmetic and skincare industry.

In the last five years, men’s grooming has been one of the fastest growing sectors in the industry, registering a 500 percent growth in sales since 2012.

In 2017, men’s grooming products represented more than $21 billion in revenue worldwide, and even companies that have traditionally steered clear of the male market are now cashing in, as men are starting to pay more attention to their looks.

One such example is the Swedish direct sales cosmetics and beauty giant Oriflame, which just introduced a new NovAge Men skincare quartet of products that are especially suited to masculine skin as well as masculine temperaments (men usually have very little patience with applying numerous products, so they are ideal candidates for no-fuzz, all-in-one products).

The four-step Nov-Age products are small enough to pack easily for travel. Photo: Oriflame

The new Oriflame NovAge range is designed – and even numbered – so that a man can cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize and freshen his face in a two-minute routine twice a day without being bogged down with a labyrinth of products and having to deal with girly scents and packaging.

Step One: The NovAge Men Purifying & Exfoliating Cleanser strips away dirt and peels away dead cells using cutting-edge bioactive technology especially engineered for male skin.

The NovAge cleanser also washes away shaving cream residue without leaving their skin feeling tight or itchy.

Step Two is a super-light Eye Rescue Gel that helps reduce swelling and protects the delicate skin around the eye contours.

Step Three is an Energizing and Hydrating Booster, packed with a powerful one-two punch of   baobab technology and invigorating coffee bengalensis plant stem cell extract to smooth course skin and strengthen collagen and elastin beneath the surface to increase firmness and decrease sagginess and the appearance of wrinkles by increasing skin’s density.

Hydrated skin helps make wrinkles less noticeable, and prevents new wrinkles from forming, and it will reduce the appearance of sagging.

The fourth and final step in the routine is Oriflame’s NovAge Intense Anti-Aging Face Gel Lotion, which glides on smooth and leaves a clean, matte finish with no sticky feel or fragrance.

The entire routine is effortless and practically fool-proof, and the understated appearance of the packaging is designed to appeal to even the most macho of men.

Also, the NovAge Men collection is specifically engineered to combat the signs of aging that men are most likely to show – deep wrinkles, severe sagging and ruddy complexions.











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