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Trending Beauty (What’s New, What Works)

Masculine Grooming By THÉRÈSE MARGOLIS It may still be a man’s world when it comes to business and politics, but in terms of beauty, skincare and personal hygiene products, women definitely have an edge. In most major department stores — and even in supermarkets and drugstores — male grooming products are relegated to a few out-of-major-view shelves, while women’s makeup,

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The Michelangelo of Facial Sculpting

Photo: biiang.com By THÉRÈSE MARGOLIS What are the features that make a woman feminine and a man masculine? Certainly, body structure and form – along with genitals – define a person’s sexuality and gender. But it is our unique facial features, our individual physiognomy, that gives each of us our most important sexual identity with which we confront the outside

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Class Act Attire for Men Who Aspire

By THÉRÈSE MARGOLIS No matter what certain Mexican politicians may say, fashion is not “fifi,” and style and good taste are still key social commodities that not only help open the door to business and professional opportunities, but also reflect our personal worldviews and individuality, and make us feel comfortable in our own attire. It is true that casual-Friday-cum-causal-every-workday has,

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