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Ah, vanity, thy name is … man?

Well, yes, as it turns out, the female gender is not the only one that is obsessed with its physical appearance.

In fact, according to a recent study conducted by the Center of Appearance Research at the University of the West of England, men now worry more about their body image than their female counterparts.

About 81 percent of men talk in ways that promote anxiety about their body image by referring to perceived flaws and imperfections, compared to just 75 percent of women. Photo: Ranker

The study revealed that 81 percent of men talk in ways that promote anxiety about their body image by referring to perceived flaws and imperfections, compared to just 75 percent of women.

Another study, conducted at the Cincinnati Psychotherapy Institute, found 53 percent of adult men regularly worry about their body image.

And while the comparable figure for women in that study – 67 percent – was still higher, the research revealed that men are quickly gaining in the vanity department, making male skincare, anti-aging and cosmetic products the fastest-growing segment of the personal care and beauty sector.

No longer are men sneaking into their wives’ beauty cabinets and dabbing on their Olay Regenerist to sooth razor-burned skin or trying to hide their gray hairs with their spouses’ Lady Clairol.

Instead, they are adopting the same grooming habits as women.

And while many men are still reluctant to use products traditionally targeted to females, the beauty industry is betting that’s going to change, trading up from traditional unisex brands to higher premium products specifically tailored to fit the masculine lifestyle.

Many men are still reluctant to use products traditionally targeted to females. Photo: Beau Brummel

In the last six years, beauty and personal care launches specifically targeted at men have increased globally by more than 70 percent, according to the market research firm Mintel.

In the United States alone, sales for the men’s personal care market hit $6 billion last year, and in Mexico, the comparable figure is nearly $2.8 billion.

In short, beauty and personal care products are no longer the sole domain of women.

So, without further ado, I dedicate this entire column to men’s personal hygiene products, fragrances and fashion.

The Saga Continues

Topping every man’s grooming musts list is cologne, and there is no male fragrance more sensuous, more seductive, more intriguing than Dior’s Sauvage, which has now evolved into a developing saga of masculine self-discovery, with different interpretations of the core scent along the way.

Photo: Dior

The original Sauvage — Eau Savage, introduced in 1966 — was Dior’s first perfume for men and the inspiration behind the current fragrance narrative, with undeniably sexy Johnny Depp as its protagonist.

The first installment of the adventure began with the now-classic Sauvage, introduced in 2015, offering a more modern image of masculinity that is rugged and manly, but well-groomed and sensual.

Dior perfumier François Demachy described Sauvage as “an act of creation inspired by wide-open spaces” and “an ozone blue sky sprawled above a rocky landscape, white-hot beneath the desert sun.”

Citrusy woody Sauvage opens with an alluring blend of bergamot and white pepper, quickly exploding into a heart of herbaceous geraniums, lavender and vetiver and closing with ambrosial patchouli and musk.

Photo: Dior

An immediate success (both with men and the women who savored their scent), Sauvage was followed in 2018 by Sauvage Eau de Parfum, and a new installment in the Depp-in-the-desert story.

This installment, in which Depp goes into the scorching desert, abandoning all his earthly possessions in order to find his inner chi and transform his mystic life force into something even more mystical and earthy once the sun goes down, previewed Sauvage EDP.The raw sensuality of this intensely erogenous scent is as carnal as lust itself, merging the lure of ancient legend with aboriginal animal instinct.

Sauvage EDP encompasses a seductive and sybaritic blend of rugged masculinity and untamed nobility, and is a fragrance rich in contrasts, with a versatile composition that transitions easily from day to night.

Photo: Dior

Honed from the natural elements that make up the desert landscape, Dior Sauvage Eau de Parfum opens with Reggio di Calabria bergamot, imbued with the hauntingly captivating scent of ambergris and a subtle tinge of red peppercorns, unleashing a powerful woody trail.

At the fragrance’s heart are zesty Sichuan pepper and ripe red berries, ushered in by an invigorating blend of Dalmatian sage and French lavender and crowned with the allure of star anise and Indonesian nutmeg.

Dior Sauvage Eau de Parfum closes with lingering accords of smoky Papua New Guinean vanilla and resinous patchouli oil, to create a complex symphony of aromas.

And now, the third chapter of the Sauvage story has been released: Sauvage Parfum.

Photo: Dior

Sauvage Parfum is the most intense and lustiest interpretation of the fragrance yet, with a hint of oriental notes.

There is no hesitance about this fragrance.

It is bold and self-assured, while still mysterious and seductive.

The opening is now spicier and juicier, with candied lemon added to the mix of bergamot and pepper.

The heart of Sauvage Parfum is made even more exotic with the addition of Sichuan pepper.

Photo: Dior

And the long-lingering base of Sauvage Parfum contains golden amber and smoky Papuan vanilla.

The promotional campaign for Sauvage Parfum claims that the wearer is “the caress of the breeze through bushes,” “the thrill when night falls,” and “the fever of a blazing fire.”

Will there be yet another installment of the Sauvage story in years ahead?

Who knows, but the now-trio of fragrances are certainly an adventure that every man will want to discover.

That’s Why

Yves Saint Laurent also has a new fragrance for men: Y Eau de Toilette, a fresh, youthful scent fronted by U.S. singer and actor Adam Levine and promoted under the tag: “No matter how far I have come. No matter how much I have done. I will keep pushing. That is why I believe. That is why I will never stop.”

Photo: Yves Saint Laurent

Y Eau de Toilette starts off with luscious notes of bergamot, sage and ginger and then finds a base of balsamic fir and marine ambergris to finish with a woodsy cedar close that clings to the skin.

This sporty, unabashed scent is the embodiment of modern masculine values, for a creative generation of men who dare to follow their passions and carve their own paths from inspiration, through hard work and collaboration, to self-made accomplishment and success.

Even the Y Eau de Toilette bottle is an expression of modern, creative masculinity.

Sliced through with a metal ‘Y,’ it provides a link to the heritage of the Yves Saint Laurent brand.

Y Eau de Toilette is available at Sephora stores across Mexico.

Brut Rebrand

Brut, that staple of every man’s bathroom cabinet for more than a half century, has just repackaged and rebranded it classic deodorants to appeal to a younger, more progressive market.

Photo: Brut

The new, clean-lined packaging focuses on the brand’s iconic green color, reflecting a fresh, outdoorsy appeal embellished with a silver-gray shield, a suggestion of the product’s efficiency in protecting the wearer from the unpleasantness of body odor.

First sold as a line of cologne in 1964 by cosmetics manufacturer Fabergé with masculine spokesmen like Joe Namath, Muhammad Ali and Wilt Chamberlain, the Brut label was purchased by Helen of Troy Limited in 2003, and has since expanded to include aftershave and deodorant.

During the first stage of its rebranding, the company has focused on its original line of deodorants and antiperspirants in their traditional roll-on, stick and aerosol formats.

Later, Brut will continue its rebrandings of its other lines, including its four fragrances: Classic, Deep Blue, Sport Double Force and Xtreme Energy.

Photo: Merkabá

Manly Coat Match

The Mexican coat company Merkabá, which has been producing men’s and women’s outwear for more than 60 years, has just teamed up with Mexican husband-and-wife acting duo Mauricio Ochmann and Aislinn Derbez to produce a 12-piece match-your-honey fall/winter collection.

The wool coats and jackets — six for men and six for women — are produced almost entirely of Mexican materials and can be purchased on line or, starting soon, at Sears.





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