If you’re feeling a bit adventurous in the next two months, and you’re not terrified of heights, then the 2018 edition of Teotihuacán Dinner in the Sky might be right up your alley.


Taking place on the third weekend of August and September, Dinner in the Sky guarantees it’s diners a spectacular view of this UNESCO World Heritage site.

For early birds, there is also Breakfast in the Sky (complete with mimosas), which offers breathtaking views of sunrise over the preColombian city, as well as beautiful photo-ops as hot air balloons dot the skies above the ruins.

Lunch (and brunch) will offer an undisturbed panoramic view of what was once the largest city in the Americas, while delighting diners with a paired three- or four-course meal by chef Lucy Noriega.

Dinner in the Sky aims to let its guests view the pyramids as sunset falls, allowing them to admire the most-visited archaeological site in Mexico in a whole new light.


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