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Take some time to spoil yourself a little.

Social scientists have recently discovered that, beyond that instant feel-good factor of indulging in a personal treat, there seems to be deeper psychological benefits that make constant, small pamper-yourself moments a recipe for better mental health.

A day at the spa can work miracles in boosting your self-esteem. Photo: Gohen

As it turns out, self-indulgences – expressed through affordable luxuries on a regular basis – are, in fact, good for you. (This is something that those of us who practice retail therapy have known for a long time.)

Whether you are savoring that extra piece of chocolate cake, enjoying a day at the spa,  splurging on a new handbag, choosing a perfume, decorating a dining table or picking out a carry-on bag for your next vacation, nothing pampers quite as much as going that extra mile (or spending a few extra pesos) to get something that is unique and a step above the ordinary.

A high quality item will not only stand out and make a fashion statement, but will allow you to indulge yourself with a touch of opulence and extravagance.

And in the end, high-end products usually last longer and don’t go out of style nearly as fast as their cheaper-priced counterparts.

So, go ahead, choose the best and give yourself a psychological and emotional boost.

Here are some new products on the Mexican market that will definitely make you feel coddled and gratified.

Dream Catching Porcelain

Mexico’s premiere fashion design house, Pineda Covalin, and Portugal’s renowned heritage tableware manufacture, Vista Alegre, have teamed up to produce their first joint-venture porcelain china collection.

Photo: Pineda Covalin/Vista Alegre

Inspired by the native American tradition of dream catchers, the new tableware line, titled Atrapasueños (Dream Catchers) has images of the spidery hoops used by indigenous people across the continent to protect their children and ward off nightmares.

Dream catchers are usually made from bits of string and feathers to replicate a spider’s web.

Founded in 1995, Pineda Covalin, showcases Mexican art and cultural history in modern universally appreciated designs.

Vista Alegre, which has been producing luxury porcelain and crystal since 1824, is Portugal’s leading tableware company and the sixth-largest manufacture of fine porcelain worldwide.

Huichol Art Meets Whisky Perfection

If you are true connoisseur of great Scotch whisky and Mexican artisan handicrafts, Johnnie Walker has created the perfect self-indulgent profligacy to embellish your liquor cabinet.

Photo: Johnnie Walker

In honor of Mexico’s “Mes de la Patria” (Patrimonial Month), the world’s most widely distributed brand of blended Scotch whisky has produced a limited edition of its finest masterpiece vatted malt, Blue Label, hand decorated with tiny chaquira beads by indigenous Huichol artists from the state of Jalisco.

The Huichol, who prefer to call themselves Wixáritari, live in Mexico’s Sierra Madre Mountains and are renowned for their brightly hued and intricate bead art, which traditionally incorporates ancestral religious motifs and spirit animal images.

Johnnie Walker commissioned some of the Wixáritari leading artisans from the Menchaca Studio to decorate 50 Johnnie Walker Blue Label bottles with chaquira beads, and each bottle is unique in its décor.

The special Blue Label bottles are being sold exclusively at Mexico City’s Loma Linda restaurants throughout the month of September, while supplies last, and a portion of the money earned from their sale will be donated to the Wixáritari people.

Class Act Travel Gear

It is time to ditch that old American Tourister suitcase that you inherited from your uncle during your college years and invest in some quality luggage.

Photo: Tumi

Tumi, the U.S.-based maker of world-class business and travel products from satchels and carry-ons to including wallets and tech gear, is now available in Mexico.

Late last month, the company opened its first boutique in Mexico on the ground floor of Centro Comercial Santa Fe.

The Tumi brand is known for quality construction, plus classic, yet modern designs and craftmanship, with a strong emphasis on simplicity and functionality.

The company’s new fall/winter travel collection includes discreet camouflage designs, classic florals and contemporary styles with subtle texture contrasts.

These bags virtually scream first-class travel, even if you are stuck in an economy seat at the back of the plane.

All That Glitters

Mexican handbag and accessory designer Jaime Ibiza is celebrating his eighth year of production this fall (although his family has been in the business for more than 40 years), and to celebrate the occasion, he has just launched a new limited edition collection of gold and silver metallic purses.

Photo: Jaime Ibiza

The new collection – which includes clutches, totes and satchels — exudes contemporary elegance with a touch of luxurious sparkle that makes these bags suitable for both day and night.

Their high-end gold metallic clasps and trim, along with Ibiza’s signature cloverleaf crest and tassels, give an well-appointed touch of style.

Based out of Guadalajara, Ibiza draws on the richness of Mexican indigenous culture for all his designs, although he often incorporates global trends.

In a previous collection, Ibiza superimposed images of Mickey Mouse and other cartoon characters onto some of his purses as part of an international alliance between his company and the Disney Corporation.

Solo Ella

Come October, Loewe, the high-end Spanish design house that has captivated the world with its seductive fragrances for men and women, will be releasing a new female companion eau de parfum to its masculine Solo Loewe scent for men, Solo Loewe Ella.

Photo: Loewe

This fresh, intoxicating and sensual fruity-floral blend opens with a gourmand burst of bitter oranges, apples, pears and peaches.

At its heart are Sambac jasmine, orange blossoms, Damask roses violets, green tea, heliotropes and white woods.

Solo Loewe Ella closes with a somber fusion of cedar and amber.

The feminine Solo comes in a flask that is similar and complementary to the Solo for men, but decorated with a bright orange square.



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