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In recent weeks, the Chinese ride-hailing platform DiDi Chuxing has launched a series of support programs in Mexico to help combat the spread of covid-19.

Nearly 500 cars, installed with plastic sanitary barriers and routinely disinfected, cruise every day in Mexico City, as part of a DiDi Drivers Club.

Drivers are also provided with face masks and disinfection liquid, and their temperatures are monitored regularly.

These support programs are meant “to protect drivers and all passengers, as well as to help, in general, in these times that are difficult for everyone,” said Jordi Cueto, DiDi México’s PR manager.

“We reevaluate the situation in the country every week,” Cueto said, adding that the support program covers at least 2,000 cars operating nationwide.

DiDi México has also launched a special program called DiDi Hero, which shares coupons and food offers with the nation’s “tireless” healthcare personnel, Cueto said.

The company has likewise created another program in which drivers can voluntarily offer transportation to workers in the health sector.

Drivers who choose to participate will not be charged a service fee by DiDi and will be able to serve DiDi Hero trips during peak periods, Cueto explained.

DiDi is also working with local restaurants to safely deliver meals.

“What we want in Mexico and in the other countries of the region where we operate is to promote staying at home for those who can, but for those who have to go out, to provide for their safety and hygiene,” he said.

” We want contagion to be diminished, reduced, and we can support this by taking care of the health of all people.”

As of  March 30, DiDi has been providing financial support to drivers and passengers over the age of 65 so that they can stay home, as requested by health authorities.

As of Monday, April 27, in Mexico, there were 1,341 covid-19-related deaths and  14,677 confirmed cases.

As the world’s leading mobile transportation platform, DiDi offers a full range of transportation options to more than 550 million users, including ride-sharing, bike-sharing, car rentals and food delivery, and provides 10 billion rides per year, its portal said.

…April 27, 2020


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