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It’s transition season, that awkward period between summer and fall, when it’s just too hot to wear long sleeves in midday, but you still need to grab a sweater in the evening.

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Gone are the days of morning-to-night breezy dresses and open-toe sandals. Instead, closed shoes and boots, and a more sophisticated, buttoned-down wardrobe are expected.

Makeup and fragrances also evolve with the seasons, with multipurpose BB and CC creams giving way to matted foundations and rich, radiant lipsticks, and citrusy and light floral scents being replaced by more complex orientals and musky fragrances.

But just like the change in weather, your fashion and makeup transition should be gradual, not abrupt.

To achieve a smooth seasonal changeover in your apparel, try to evolve your wardrobe little-by-little, incorporating a few key pieces into your summer staples and gradually adding layers to refashion your style with touches like belted blazers and chunky sweaters that can provide structure and definition to your existing outfits

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Heavy textures and jewel tones can help transport your casual summer look to a more fall-appropriate style.

And a statement piece necklace or color-coordinated scarf can add pop and refinement, without a sudden jolt of severity.

This is also a time when the light airy hues of almost-bare makeup transform into rich, deeper colors for a more polished look, and windblown summer strands give way to on-trend fall tresses in richer, more intense shades.

Brunettes should opt for more radiant hues, with hints of warm caramel tones, red heads should definitely go deeper for a more subdued look, and blondes … blondes should try cooler shades with undertones of platinum and silver.

At the heart of any successful summer-to-fall transition is the creation of new combinations that reflect your own personal style and that always look well put-together.

Galactic Glamour

It’s time for an out-of-this-world makeup look with Naj Oleari’s new Space Attraction collection.

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The universe-and-constellations-inspired collection blasts off with a Glow & Detox Peel-off Face Mask that traps dead skin cells and toxins that accumulate in the epidermis due to environmental contamination and gently exfoliates surface skin to leave your face glowing with an intergalactic radiance.

Enriched with purifying white tea extract and revitalizing peony water, Naj Oleari’s Glow & Detox Mask has pantenol to stimulate cellular regeneration and pH balance while creating a barrier to protect against external irritants.

There is also a Naj Oleari Space Attraction Luminous Blush to dust on an instant moonlit glow of health, and a Naj Oleari Supernova Eye Pencil to define eyes with stellar depth and intensity.

This precision eyeliner has astronomical staying power that won’t smudge or transfer, and comes in four celestial shades: Frosty Black, Frosty Brown, Frosty Lilac Gray and Frosty Blue.

For cosmic lids, there is a Dazzling Star Eyeshadow Palette with nine, long-lasting metallic, matte and satin colors that blend easily to highlight your eyes’ astral beauty.

Photo: Naj Oleari

Rounding out the new Naj Oleari collection are a Star Gleam Lip Lacquer, formulated with nourishing wild mango butter for brilliantly soft lips in four deliciously star-studded shades (Caramel, Nude Pink, Rosy Mauve and Pomegranate Red), plus a Space Attraction Highlighter with exclusive ethereal technology to fuse the texture of a powder with the silkiness of a cream.

The one-shade-suits-all Naj Oleari Space Attraction Highlighter can be used both day and night for an out-of-this-world luster of intergalactic proportions.

And remember, the iconic Italian-based Naj Oleari brand, founded on colors, scents, originality and liveliness, is committed to this planet’s environment and is cruelty-free, meaning it never tests its products on animals.

Blonde Bombshell

Natural or otherwise (not that that would apply to any of us), being blonde is complicated.

The truth is, keeping your locks golden and shiny is a lot more complicated than people think.

There is always the chance that your color can go brassy (with yucky green or orange tones) or, if you are tinting for the first time or even just refreshing your hue, pre-existing chemical treatments (from past dying to straightenings or permanents) can make things go awry, leaving you with a hair color nightmare.

Photo: Nashi

Blonde color is also more likely to wash out sooner than darker dyes (meaning more frequent touch-ups), and the sheer act of shampooing and styling can leave hair brittle and dry.

Fortunately, the Italian haircare line Nashi has come up with a new blonde-specific collection that can help all blondes keep their hair healthy and beautiful wash-after-wash.

Nashi Blondy Joy Purple Shampoo and Nashi Blondy Joy Purple Conditioner are specially formulated to protect blonde hair, leaving it brighter, stronger and healthier, without changing its color.

Blondy Joy, which is also suitable for white and gray hair, acts by eliminating chemical elements that can alter or dull color.

The Nashi duo nourishes and hydrates deeply to leave blonde hair soft, radiant and natural-looking, no matter whether it is natural or out of a bottle.

Woody Scents

Red Wood by Dsquared2 is a lush, audaciously erotic fragrance for women designed around the earthy scent of wood.

Photo: Dsquared2

Its top notes of cranberry and red pepper accents give it an immediate seductive aura that evolves into a robustly feminine blend of velvety red roses, litchi and magnolia.

Red Wood’s base is composed of an intensely warm fusion of ambery woods, cedar and soft musk.

Dsquared2 Red is the complementary scent to the brand’s new male fragrance, Dsquared2 Green, a free-spirited and vigorously intense aroma that opens with an energetic spice of lemon, santolina and bourbon pepper.

Sophisticated woody notes of cedar and vetiver give Dsquared2 Green a resinous accord that evokes a generous and primeval essence that finishes with sillage, wild cyprus, ambrox and musk for lingering and all-encompassing bouquet of raw masculinity.

The Dsqaured2 duo reflects a strong and sturdy character of contemporary elegance while never abandoning the brand’s roots of authenticity.

…July 29, 2020

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