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After months of home gym-ing (the old faithful trend mill and improvised weights in the form of water bottles for lifting), it is great to finally get back outdoors and do some real sports.

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But while we may have done our lock-down workouts in our PJs or birthday suits (hey, no one was watching), the return to semi-normalcy as the covid-19 pandemic eases in Mexico means that we have to re-adapt to some degree of decency and decorum in our exercise ensembles.

That also means that you need to pass a brush through your hair and maybe slap on some lipstick and mascara before hitting the gym. (Okay, you can skip the lipstick if you want since you will be wearing a mask the entire time).

To help get yourself in the mood for reincorporation into the external world of sports and exercise, try investing in some new equipment and apparel.

Feet First

Start with some new tennis shoes.

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Like just about everything else, athletic shoes have a limited lifespan.

Most sports shoes are made to last about 500 miles, depending on your weight, how you use them and other factors.

And after they reach their prime, they tend to lose their cushioning and support.

Granted, once you find a comfortable pair of walking or running shoes, it can be hard to part with them, but no matter how much you love those old raggedly sports shoes, it is probably time to replace them. (As a rule of thumb, if you are walking about 30 minutes a day, replace your shoes every six months, if you are walking a hour a day, you should replace them every three months.)

One good option is to invest in a pair of high-tech Court sports shoes, which combine style and modern technology.

Photo: Court

Court is a 100 percent Mexican-owned brand (with the economy sputtering, buying locally produced goods is especially important right now) that has been around for 27 years.

In addition to its fashion-forward designs, Court is known for its vanguard technology that adapts to extreme temperatures.

These all-purpose runners have breathable, anti-odor Comfort Super Soft soles that provide solid, dependable support throughout the lifetime of the footwear. 

Fashion Statement Sneakers

You can also opt to buy sports shoes that double as work apparel.

The upscale Italian brand Hogan (now available in Mexico) has an impressive array of super-chic lace-up high-top boots in avant-garde styles that can give your office outfit a sporty-glam feel with a contemporary edge.

Photo: Hogan

All Hogan shoes are made with wearability in mind, and are hand crafted from the finest materials, and there is no hiding the brand’s prestigious Italian elegance and fashion sense.

Hogan has been making shoes for the modern urban “power woman” since the early 1980s, when Andrea Della Valle first founded the label with the goal of creating sporty sneakers that can transition comfortably into the office and still look great.

The end product is a harmonious blend of sport-inspired codes with undeniable fashion-focused style.

The laid-back luxury that the Hogan brand imparts makes it an icon of relaxed sophistication.

Despite its pedigree European roots, Hogan has always had a strong international appeal, fusing tradition and design innovation.

This combination give Hogan products a timeless flair and generational universality.

And Hogan’s new sport/work boots collection comes with a selection of optional matching accessories that are great for the office, gym or travel.

Upgrade Your Duds

It is also time to lose those raggedy sweats and buy some adult wardrobe duds.

Photo: Aéropostale

Aéropostale’s new Back-to-School (and back-to-work) collection has plenty of casual sportwear that can make you feel upbeat about yourself and your style. (After all, no back-to-whatever preparation is complete without a few new wardrobe additions.)

Aéropostale´s fall line is clothing to get excited about — whether you continue distance learning or WFH from your couch or going back to the classroom or office, gathering stylish garments with comfy fits and polished shine.

Continuing with its Oneness campaign, which celebrates inclusiveness and ethnic, cultural and ability differences, the breezy mix-and-match, mostly gender-neutral pieces have a fresh, energetic feel that highlights the wearers’ originality and individuality.

Photo: Aéropostale

Aéro Oneness is created for a new generation that comes together to build a less judgmental, more inclusive future (something the world definitely needs).

As always with the Aéropostale label, there is lots of denim, including a new Premium Seriously Stretchy selection for women in classic, curvy and super high rise cuts. (No more awkward moments when your jeans slip too low when you sit down.)

Aéropostale´s traditional Tribe of Tees make wearing a graphic T-shirt a fashion — as well as a political — statement.

The fall collection — now on sale in Mexico at Liverpool — also includes skirts, dresses and blouses in bright plaids, florals and stripes, and, of course, loads of joggers and sweatpants.

Handy Elegance

Don’t forget to groom your feet and hands.

At home mani-pedis can produce (almost) professional results if you take your time anduse the right tools.

Photo: Jessica Nails

Unless you have a lot of experience at doing it, it is probably best to forgo cutting your cuticles since this, done incorrectly, can lead to infections or ingrown nails. 

Instead use an orange stick wrapped in a bit of cotton and push your cuticles back gently.

You can also use a cuticle cream like Jessica’s Nourish Cuticle Formula to soften the skin at the base of the nails.

After filing, be sure to protect your fingernails and toenails with a base coat, two layers of polish and a top coat.

And Jessica Nails’ lush Phenomen Oil applied after your manicure will help to nourish and hydrate cuticles with a rich blend of vitamin E and jojoba, almond and rice oil.

This season, Jessica has a new collection of warm, peachy coral shades that look great on any skin tone and go with any outfit.

Sporty Ray Protection

Whatever you do, don’t forget to lather on the sunscreen.

Photo: Hawaiian Tropic

Hawaiian Tropic has a new line of Island Sport broad spectrum Ultra Light SPF/FPS 50 High Performance Protections in both cream and spray formulas with a delicious tropical scent.

This water-resistant, sweat-resistant sunscreen offers serious defense against both UVA and UVB rays for up to 80 minutes, making it perfect for beach days, outdoor runs and all the adventures in between.

Hawaiian Tropic Island Sport is non-greasy and absorbs fast and won’t run into eyes. Don’t let sunscreen application slow you down.

And its luxurious tropical scent is infused with a lush coconut fragrance and mango fruit extract to provide an authentic island feel no matter where you are.

Hawaiian Tropic Island Sport Sunscreen won’t clog pores and even protects, softens and leaves skin radiant and luminous.

…Oct. 1, 2020



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