A Very Different Thanksgiving Day

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For those who observe Thanksgiving on Thursday, Nov. 26, the celebration this year may be very different from those of previous years.

Like everything in 2020, the holiday has been impacted by covid-19 pandemic shutdowns and financial cutbacks brought on by a global economic recession.

But the true meaning of Thanksgiving — the act of taking time out to appreciate all we have, even in these difficult times — in some ways takes on even more meaning as we reflect on what we have lost, and what we have not lost, over the last 10 months.

Indeed, Thanksgiving is — and has always been — much more than turkey, dressing and cranberry sauce, or a day gathered around the television set rooting for your favorite football team.

Traditional Thanksgiving gatherings of extended family and friends may be ill-advised this year because they could potentially be coronavirus super-spreaders, but marking the day at home with the people you live with is still an option.

So is reaching out to those who cannot be there through Zoom and video calls.

Or making the day special by creating new family traditions with those who are with you.

But perhaps the best way to observe the holiday season in 2020 is to do as the Wampanoag Native Americans did in 1621 when they shared their autumn harvest with the Plymouth pilgrims.

Try reaching out to those who are most in need and providing for them, by sending a meal, helping with expenses or even just mailing them a card to let them know that they are not alone on this special day.

However and wherever you celebrate the day, we at Pulse News Mexico wish you a happy — and healthy — Thanksgiving Day.

…Nov. 25, 2020

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