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American Benevolent Society Hosts Well-Attended Thanksgiving Feast

By THÉRÈSE MARGOLIS With more than 100 people in attendance — the highest number of guests in decades — the American Benevolent Society (ABS) hosted a lavish, three-course Thanksgiving Day luncheon at Mexico City’s Christ Church Parish on Thursday, Nov. 24, The traditional meal, which reflected the classic Thanksgiving meal generally consumed across the United States on that day, included

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American Benevolent Society to Host Thanksgiving Feast

PULSE NEWS MEXICO After a three-year absence because of the covid-19 pandemic, the American Benevolent Society (ABS) will again be hosting its annual Thanksgiving Day luncheon on Thursday, Nov. 25, from 1:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. at Christ Church Parish, located at Montes Escandinavos 405 in Mexico City’s Colonia Lomas de Chapultepec. The event, which is open to the public,

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Thankfulness and Happiness when Times Are Bleak

By KITZIA NIN PONIATOWSKA Can thankfulness and happiness be interrelated? Studies have shown that people that are thankful often times are happier than those who are not. This week, people across the United States are celebrating Thanksgiving, which was made an official holiday by Abraham Lincoln in 1863 at the height of the Civil War. In his initial proclamation, it

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A Very Different Thanksgiving Day

By THÉRÈSE MARGOLIS For those who observe Thanksgiving on Thursday, Nov. 26, the celebration this year may be very different from those of previous years. Like everything in 2020, the holiday has been impacted by covid-19 pandemic shutdowns and financial cutbacks brought on by a global economic recession. But the true meaning of Thanksgiving — the act of taking time

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A Tapestry of Human Kindness and Thanksgiving

By THÉRÈSE MARGOLIS     The American Benevolent Society (ABS) hosted its annual Thanksgiving Day luncheon at Christ Church Anglican-Episcopal Parish in Mexico City’s Colonia Lomas de Chapultepec, on Thursday, Nov 22, with turkey, dressing and all the trimmings. Nearly 100 people attended the lavish, sit-down feast, which began with an assortment of cream cheese and jalapeno chile jam and coriander mousse canapés

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ABS To Host Thanksgiving Feast

By THE PULSE NEWS MEXICO STAFF     The American Benevolent Society (ABS) will host its traditional Thanksgiving Day luncheon on Thursday, Nov. 22, at 1:30 p.m. at Christ Church, located at Monte Escandinavos 405, on the corner of Sierra Madre, in Mexico City’s Colonia Lomas de Chapultepec. The meal will include all the usual Thanksgiving favorites, including turkey, sage dressing and

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