What would have been the New International Mexico Airport (NAIM) during its construction phase. Photo: NAIM


Mexico’s Superior Audit of the Federation (ASF) backtracked on the numbers released in it’s 2019 public audit of the New Mexico International Airport’s (NAIM) cancellation, citing inconsistencies in methodology, alleging the real cost to be lower than previously reported.

The ASF’s initial audit found the NAIM’s cancellation cost 331.9 billion pesos, 232 percent more than estimated by Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s (AMLO) government, which projected only a 100 billion peso price tag for the airport’s termination upon its decision to do so in 2019.

Now, following AMLO’s extremely vocal disagreement during his early morning press conferences about the results of the audit, in which he used his catch phrase, “I have other data,” the ASF has backtracked and said “there are inconsistencies in the quantification carried out in the framework of the audit,” adding that the real cost of the airport cancellation was much less due to “methodological deficiency” in their initial report.

A revision of the numbers will come in the release of the “final result of the review of audit number 1394-DE” later this year.

While the ASF now said that the airport cancellation cost lower than previously estimated, its initial audit mentioned the price tag could go even higher than 331.9 billion pesos due to pending contract liquidations, as well as lawsuits and claims surrounding the termination, which will likely still tack on a major price hike following their resolution.

…Feb. 24, 2021


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