Photo: Gobierno de México


Mexican tequila exports registered a 16.2 percent jump in 2020 as compared to the previous year, marking an all-time high, according to the Tequila Regulatory Council (CRT).

Last year, total tequila exports amounted to 286.7 million de liters, the highest volume ever sold abroad, the CRT said in a report on Wednesday, Feb. 17.

The United States, Mexico’s biggest tequila market, purchased 88.7 percent of that total, and accounted for the lion’s share of the blossoming ready-to-drink (RTD) premixed market, especially benefiting tequila producers José Cuervo and Jimador, which jointly reported a 43 percent growth in RTD sales.

Tequila production also increased in 2020 by an unprecedented 6.3 percent over 2019 to a total of 374 million liters, despite the effects of the ongoing covid-19 pandemic.

Notwithstanding, national tequila sales were down due to the closure of bars and nightclubs due to the pandemic.

…March 18, 2021

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