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Following reports of falsified coronavirus test results, particularly among international travelers, the Mexican Council of Medical Diagnostic Companies (Comed) said it is working on a new initiative with associated laboratories to adopt a QR code system in hopes of increasing the reliability of test results.

Fake test results for purchase have been on the rise since the United States and Canada announced all travelers entering the country by air would need to show a negative covid test to airlines before boarding their flight, leading to a black market of falsified negative results.

Reports from Plaza de Santo Domingo in Mexico City say fake test results have marketed and sold there for as low as 500 pesos, markedly lower than the price of a laboratory-verified test.

Comed’s General Director Guillermo Máynez said that by bringing together the more than 60 clinical analysis laboratories, which amount to thousands of locations across the country, they can create a QR link attached to specific test results that, when scanned, will prove the test’s authenticity, making it much more difficult to falsify the results.

“The answer lies in technology and in advancing to have computer locks that guarantee that a test carried out on a person was done in a certified laboratory,” Máynez told El Universal.

Comed also seeks to collaborate with the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) to help with the verification process.

For its part, popular laboratory chain El Chopo has been delivering QR codes test results since Feb. 20, said representative for the company, Eduardo Arvizu.

…March 25, 2021

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