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Mexico’s National Union of Air Traffic Controllers (Sinacta) publicly denounced its perceived persecution by the nation’s government-run Air Navigation Services in Mexican Air Space (Seneam), following Sinacta’s reports of two planes nearly colliding after the allegedly negligent redesign of Mexico City’s airspace.

Sinacta also reported another incident where two planes came close to collision in Guadalajara’s eastern airspace on Wednesday, April 22.

“This reduction in separation was clearly due to restructuring and lack of training. It is imperative to stop the redesign immediately, to rectify it, test it, verify it and retest it sufficiently before starting it up again,” said Sinacta’s Secretary General José Alfredo Covarrubias.

In a press release, Sinacta asked union members and workers within Seneam to denounce the irregularities within the government aeronautics agency.

“Today, within Seneam, there is an environment of abuse of power and authority, institutional threat, workplace harassment, union persecution and arbitrariness with the sole purpose of reducing the labor cost implied by labor rights acquired over time,” read Sinacta’s statement.

“The complaints about incidents obtained by various media in recent days are only one aspect of the multiple structural and systemic irregularities within Seneam that we have been denouncing for three years without any success,” continued the union.

Sinacta requested for the immediate intervention of the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT), the Secretariat of the Interior, the Federal Civil Aviation Agency and lawmakers to help solve the issue, preferably before there is a major air crash.

…April 23, 2021


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