At least 500 Haitians are headed to Mexico and the United States in a migrant caravan from Honduras. Photo: Google


Hundreds of migrants who had been stranded in Honduras, including at least 500 Haitians, have set out on their way to the United States, local authorities said Saturday, April 24.

“They already left. (The) Immigration (authorities) helped them,” Dinora Sandoval, deputy mayor of the Trojes community on the border with Nicaragua, said.

More than a week ago, about 2,000 migrants, mostly Haitians, Africans and Cubans, sheltered in houses, churches, community centers and schools in Trojes in eastern Honduras.

Local media reported this week on the presence of the undocumented immigrants, who had entered through Nicaragua and took refuge in Trojes, a community of about 60,000.

The immigrants will pass through Guatemala and Mexico to try to reach the United States.

In recent years, the majority of migrants arriving at the U.S. southern border came from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, or the Northern Triangle, a region troubled by gang violence and a torpid economy.

In response to growing pressure from the United States, both the Guatemalan and Mexican governments have taken a harder stance against such caravans in recent weeks.

Last month, Mexico began restricting crossings at its southern border to essential travel and stepped up operations to intercept migrants, especially families, in the south.

The U.S. Joe Biden administration has said it is seeking $4 billion in aid from Congress for these countries to address the immigration problem.

…April 26, 2021

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