Morena Deputy of Puebla Saúl Huerta. Photo: Google


National Regeneration Movement (Morena) Deputy Saúl Huerta was suspended from his post after the leftist majority party voted on the issue on Sunday, March 25, following accusations of Huerta molesting multiple underage boys.

Morena’s legislative bench leader, Ignacio Mier, announced the party’s move in a tweet, and said he would be reporting the suspension to the Chamber of Deputies’ Board of Directors the following morning.

Mario Delgado, president of Morena, called for Huerta’s removal on Sunday ahead of the vote, until the legal situation can be clarified.

“In Morena, we cannot cover up the crimes of anyone. We always want justice to be done, and whoever has committed a crime, to assume responsibility,” said Delgado at the time.

Huerta resigned from his reelection campaign for deputy of Puebla on Thursday, April 22, when the allegations of him molesting a boy under the age of 15 came to light, which were later followed by an accusation of Huerta sexually abusing yet another underage boy.

…April 27, 2021


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