Tamaulipas Governor Francisco Javier García Cabeza de Vaca. Photo: Google


On Wednesday, April 28, Mexico’s Investigative Section of the Chamber of Deputies, led by the in-power leftist National Regeneration Movement (Morena), voted to freeze the impeachment of the party’s own deputy and alleged child-molester Saúl Huerta until the beginning of the next legislature in September, while moving forward with the financial crime charges against current governor of Tamaulipas and member of the opposing National Action Party (PAN) Francisco Javier García Cabeza de Vaca, showing Morena’s intentions of protecting its own, even those who purportedly sexually abuse minors, in favor of going after its opposition.

Huerta’s investigation was voted to be suspended until the beginning of the country’s 65th legislature in September, following Mexico’s midterm elections in June, though Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) deputy and the only non-Morena member of the Investigative Section Claudia Pastor petitioned to follow proceedings against the alleged child rapist on a normal schedule, only to be rejected by her Morena counterparts.

“We cannot treat the issues differently, we cannot use haste and darkness against those who are opponents,” said Pastor. “But when it comes to officials of Morena, where there are even very serious accusations of criminal acts against children, then it is calm and turtle-paced steps. It should not be possible to have selective justice.”

In the case of Cabeza de Vaca, all three Morena-affiliated members voted in favor of his trial proceeding, with one vote against, that being Pastor’s.

According to the statement from the Chamber of Deputies’ Investigative Section following the decision, the trial will continue based on the proof that the Tamaulipas governor engaged “in the illicit act of equal tax fraud.”

Meanwhile, Huerta, who faces accusations of molesting multiple underage boys, will be able to hold his post without a trial until September, a full four months away, while one of the boys he allegedly sexually assaulted was admitted to a psychiatric hospital due to effects from coming forward against the Morena deputy, leaving Huerta’s victims to suffer, while he gets off, in the meantime, scot-free.

If the results of the Investigative Section of the Chamber of Deputies review show anything, it is that Morena is not afraid to protect its own, even those accused of crimes of complete moral depravity, while its opposition are not given even an ounce of leniency, making it clear to the world that Morena’s quest against corruption is unprincipled and deceitful in and of itself.

…April 30, 2021


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