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A Change for the Good

Oriflame, the Swedish-based direct sales cosmetic and skincare brand, has just made a radical change for the better.

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Oriflame’s always-natural Love Nature line is now more eco-conscious than ever, with pure organic extracts, biodegradable formulas and sustainable packaging.

The line, which includes cleansers, lush hand creams and a lush range of sweet-smelling solid shampoo bars made from red forest fruits and organic avocado oils, is formulated to clean and condition skin and hair with Earth-friendly ingredients devoid of harsh chemicals such as silicon and other artificial aggressors. A single Love Nature solid shampoo bar is equivalent to two 250-millimeter bottles of liquid shampoo, but uses far less water and no plastics (plus is much easier to pack when traveling).

And avocado oil is known for its nourishing and deep hydrating properties, so you don’t have to compromise on the quality of your personal hygiene products while helping to conserve the environment.

Photo: Oriflame

All Oriflame extracts are sourced from nature and undergo rigorous eco-ethical screening to assess their source, quality and safety. As far back as 2013, the company stop using plastic microbeads and began testing natural exfoliating scrub alternatives, such as plant waxes, nutshells and seeds.

In true Swedish fashion, Oriflame has also led the industry in environmental corporate responsibility and fair trade business practices, formulating products that use ingredients that are in strict compliance with strong environmental policies.

Regal Handbags

Mexican handbag designer Jaime Ibiza has just launched his latest collection, titled Monarquía (Monarchy) and inspired in the pastel shades of semi-precious stones.

Photo: Jaime Ibiza

These regally subtle shoulder purses, clutches and cosmetic bags are understated gems that reflect the elegance and sophisticated discretion of European royalty, foregoing garish labels in favor of more refined and attenuated classic design.

Their soft, bespoke shades make them versatile and timeless, suitable for both day and night, and their embossed surfaces give them a comely style.

Based out of Guadalajara, Ibiza has consistently incorporated the richness of Mexican culture into his voguish designs, while at the same time keeping pace with current global trends.

His Monarquía collection is no exception, since it accommodates the practical demands of the modern Mexican woman (lots of compartments for organization, easy-to-clean surfaces that won’t stain), without compromising his meticulous attention to detail such as the use of opulent gold metallic clasps and trim, along with his signature cloverleaf crest and tassels, that have always given his bags a well-appointed cache.

Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

Whether you are basking in the sun on a tropical beach or simply trekking around Mexico City doing errands, your skin is prone to damage from the sun.

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Not only can UVA and UVB rays age skin prematurely, but they can also lead to skin cancer, which affects a whopping 500,000 Mexicans each year, according to the Mexican Dermatology Foundation.

Wearing sunscreen every day is a crucial part of any serious skincare routine, and it should be used year-round by anyone over age six months.

And while most of those cancers are basal cell carcinomas (BCC), which, if caught early, can be treated, there is no better treatment than prevention.

Photo: Banana Boat

Banana Boat’s Dry Balance Sport SPC 50+ protects against both types of rays, and has a dry-to-the-touch, non-sticky formula that is water- and sweat-resistant, which means you don’t have to worry about it coming off poolside or running down your back when you work out.

Banana Boat Dry Balance Sport is available in both spray-on and cream formulas.

Like all sunscreens, Banana Boat Dry Balance Sport should be applied generously to all exposed parts of the body and reapplied every few hours.



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