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Ever at odds with the media — both national and international –Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) announced on Wednesday, June 23, that he will soon be adding a new weekly segment to his daily press conferences, in which he will list those publications and broadcasters that he considers to be presenting “false or disparaging information” about his administration.

AMLO’s media wall of fame, will, he said, constitute a “Who’s Who of fake news.”

The president made the announcement after commenting that the State of Mexico (Edoméx) television commentator Luis Fernando Ortiz had tweeted earlier in the day that, according to sources close to López Obrador, one of his sons would soon be the new owner of the Cruz Azul soccer team, an accusation AMLO vehemently denied.

The president went on to say that, each week, he would invite a still-unspecified “government official” to list the “lies of the week.”

The objective of the weekly report will be to “expose and combat fake news, as well as to inform the public,” he said.

The president did not mention that fact that he himself has been repeatedly accused of presenting a plethora of misinformation.

In fact, according to an independent study from the activist organization Vital Signs: The Pulse of México released in April, AMLO lies, delivers inaccurate data or relays false information on an average of 80 times a day during his daily morning press conferences.

AMLO said that he could already foresee certain media — referring to his favorite scapegoats Reforma, El Universal and El Financiero — “making the top of the list each week.”

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