Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Photo: Google


According to an independent study from activist organization Vital Signs: The Pulse of México, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) lies, delivers inaccurate data or relays false information on an average of 80 times a day during his daily morning press conferences.

The report, titled “The Value of the Truth: One-Third of the Six-Year Term,” was revealed to the public on Thursday, April 15, by the group, proving AMLO’s penchant for lying, particularly using half-truths and unverifiable data when speaking on important subjects such as the covid-19 pandemic, militarization, public education and clean energy.

According to the group’s study, López Obrador is already close to doubling former U.S. President Donald Trump’s reported 23,000 lies during his four-year term, as recorded by The Washington Post, with barely two years in office under AMLO’s belt.

“These two years of the government of the self-proclaimed Fourth Transformation have been characterized by a loss of the value of the truth, by the frequent and unpretentious use of lies, half-truths and unverifiable data on the situation of the country,” read the report.

If AMLO continues his purported lying at the same rate, the group said that he is estimated to spout out more than 120,000 lies by the end of his six-year presidential term.

…April 16, 2021


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