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One day after Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) premiered the new “Who’s Who of Media Lies of the Week” segment of his daily two-hour (or more) press conference, El Universal newspaper (one of the prime targets of his media wall of shame) published its own lies registry on Thursday, July 1, noting that the true winner of the national prevaricator award should be the president himself.

El Universal pointed out that during the course of his so-far 943 “mañanera” pressers, AMLO has made no less than 56,181 false or misleading statements, working out to an average of 88 lies per day, according to a recent study by the Spin Political Communication Workshop (Spin-TCP), a private-sector consultancy led by political scientist and university professor Luis Estrada Straffon.

The Spin analyst of AMLO’s constant fabrications and distortions of facts, which was released in June, came on the heels of a similar independent report from the activist organization Vital Signs in April which indicated that the president delivered inaccurate data or relayed false information on an average of 80 times a day during his daily morning press conferences.

Both reports detailed each of the alleged falsehoods uttered by the president, offering solid evidence to back up their claims that the specific data was untrue.

In contrast, AMLO’s flamboyant parade of alleged fake news purveyors on Wednesday, June 30, was verified as inaccurate based on that fact that his government had said so.

As the highlight of his Who’s Who of Media Lies, AMLO’s spokesperson Ana Elizabeth García Vilchis revealed the winner of his “Pinocchio of the Week” award was El Financiero columnist Raymundo Riva Palacios, who mistakenly issued a series of tweets on Tuesday, June 29, in which he confused the then-happening storming of the University of the Americas campus as being conducted by members of the National Guard when, in fact, the real culprits were Puebla State Police.

It is worth noting that Riva Palacios later issued a formal correction acknowledging his mistake (a practice not in the tool house of the president).

Perhaps it is time for López Obrador to stop declaring facts he finds uncomfortable as “fake news” and start looking in the mirror to see how soon he will require rhinoplasty.



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