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As of Sunday, Aug. 1, a new scheme of price limits on liquified petroleum (LP) natural gas has been enacted throughout Mexico, with the cost cap varying from state to state and within municipalities.

Thanks to an initiative by the country’s Secretariat of Energy (Sener), the price limit will be set on a weekly basis by the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) to protect the interests of consumers.

Within Mexico City, users will no longer be required to pay more than 11.52 pesos per liter for stationary tanks and 21.33 pesos per kilogram for metal cylinders in all of the capital’s 16 municipalities until Sunday, Aug. 7. Meanwhile, the State of Mexico (Edoméx) will have a price limit ranging from 21.50 pesos and 21.33 pesos.

In the state of Aguascalientes, the price for the week will be 22.97 pesos per kilo of gas, with Baja California’s limit ranging between 19.56 pesos to 20.68 pesos per kilo and Baja California Sur from 25.50 pesos to 27.08 pesos per kilo.

Chihuahua will range between 21.27 and 24.93 pesos, followed by 21.32 and 24.17 pesos for Coahuila and between 21.35 and 27.85 pesos for Durango.

Guanajuato will cap at 22.29 pesos per kilo, with a 24.09 peso limit in Guerrero, Hidalgo between 24.02 and 21.14 pesos, and Jalisco at 22.42 pesos. Michoacán’s limit for the week stands at 22.66 pesos per kilo, Nayarit stops at 24.57 pesos, and Nuevo León will range between 21.85 and 23.33 pesos per kilo.

In Queretaro, this week’s limit will be 22.18 pesos per kilo, 24.31 pesos in San Luis Potosí, with Sinaloa ranging between 21.09 and 25.65 pesos and Sonora from 21.27 and 23.54 pesos. Tamaulipas hits the cap between 20.39 and 22.04 pesos, while Veracruz stops at 21.11 pesos and Zacatecas rounds off the Mexican states with a price range between 24.19 and 25.35 pesos per kilo.

The following week’s price limits will be released by the CRE next Sunday, Aug. 7

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