Interjet cofounder and director Miguel Aléman Magnani. Photo: Google


At the request of the Mexican government, Interpol issued an arrest warrant for grounded airline Interjet cofounder and director Miguel Alemán Magnani for the alleged crime of tax evasion to the tune of 65 million pesos, authorities said Tuesday, Aug. 17.

Aléman Magnani — grandson of former Mexican President Miguel Alemán Valdés (1946-1952) and son of former Veracruz Governor  Miguel Alemán Velasco — founded the budget Mexican airlines in 2005, which ceased operations late last year due to the pandemic and an inability for pay its debts and workers.

Mexico’s federal Attorney General’s Office issued a nationwide arrest warrant against Aléman Magnani in early July.

He is believed to have fled the country in January of this year and to be living in France.

Alemán Magnani is a French-Mexican duel citizen and is unlikely to be extradited back to Mexico since France has a policy of not extraditing its own citizens.

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