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While Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) has claimed credit for the record number of remittances flowing into Mexico, representatives of the National Front of Immigrants have criticized the executive for his words, laying blame on AMLO for making Mexico an unattractive place to work.

More than $4.54 billion was sent to Mexico from workers in the United States this July, a historic threshold López Obrador has since said was of his own administration’s making.

“It’s a shame to want to use the sending of remittances from abroad as an achievement of the government, when the government has dismantled the consular network and left us without passport services, and have left those abroad without the resources for the repatriation of dead bodies back to Mexico,” said the National Front of Immigrants’ President Carlos Arango.

“The president brags about the work that millions of Mexicans living abroad do without his help,”

Arango went on to say that “it is his custom every time there is a rebound or record in remittances to say it is thanks to an achievement of his government, but here we are abandoned, without consular protection, with raids to deport Mexicans from the United States.

“And about that AMLO says nothing,” he said

“His speech is a farce.”

Arango noted how the AMLO administration’s immigration policy for Central American migrants is one of the worst in decades, militarizing the southern border of the country and “doing the dirty work” for the United States. The organization head likewise compared López Obrador’s actions to those of former U.S. President Donald Trump, who was known for his disparaging commentary and policy toward Mexicans.

“AMLO only remembers migrants when there are remittances, and he shuts up when there are abuses against Mexicans,” Arrango said.

“He subscribes as an achievement of his government that Mexicans have to go to work in the United States, while it’s because there are no opportunities in Mexico. His claims are a mockery.”

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