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After Mexico’s National Electoral Institute (INE) Council voted on Friday, Dec. 17, to postpone indefinitely a referendum for the nonbinding revocation of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s (AMLO) mandate, the president’s leftist National Regeneration Movement (Morena) said that it will appeal that decision before the nation’s Electoral Tribunal (TEPJF).

The revocation of mandate referendum, which had been tentatively scheduled to be held April 10 if sufficient voter signatures were collected, was cancelled by the INE for lack of funds, given that the Morena-led Chamber of Deputies sliced 5 billion pesos worth of funding from the INE in its Expenditure Budget of the Federation 2022.

Also, the party, which, at the behest of AMLO had spearheaded a campaign to collect signatures to justify the referendum, had collected less than half the necessary signatures to qualify, and thousands of those names that it did manage to collect were shown by the INE to be either false, duplicated, of deceased persons, of kindergarteners or even of dogs.

However, because López Obrador has insisted on holding the referendum in order to exalt his majority support and justify his increasingly authoritarian mandates, Morena Federal Deputy Mario Llergo accused the counselors of “doing everything possible to bend the law and try to block the revocation exercise.”

AMLO and INE President Lorenzo Córdoba have been at political loggerheads since the president took office three years ago because López Obrador has repeatedly violated Mexican electoral laws and imposed his political will against constitutional rules.

As a result, AMLO has consistently retaliated against the INE by slicing away at its financial resources, year after year, and, most recently, by more than a quarter of what the institute had requested for its basic operations in 2022.

The proposed revocation of mandate referendum, which was the brainchild of AMLO and would have no binding value, has consequently become a focus of the political tug of war between AMLO and the INE.

On hearing of the INE Council decision to suspend the referendum due to lack of funds, Morena Chamber of Deputies Majority Leader Sergio Gutiérrez said Saturday, Dec. 18, that the party will file criminal and administrative complaints against the councilors who approved the suspension.

Meanwhile, the INE is continuing to review of validity of the millions of signatures that Morena presented to justify the referendum.


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