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In order to fulfill its obligations to hold a public mandate revocation consultation as ordered by Mexico’s Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judicial Power (TEPJF), the autonomous National Electoral Institute (INE) is expected to request 1.73 billion pesos from the Secretary of Finance in order to follow through on the requested vote.

The INE had previously canceled the revocation due to a lack of resources, though after the TEPJF’s ruling in spite of the missing funds, was forced to reconsider its approach.

Now, with 1.5 billion pesos already apportioned for the vote by the INE and nearly half a million more acquired by slashing the budget in other areas like sanitary supplies and local council resources, the organization plans to request a further 1.73 billion pesos from the nation’s treasury to meet the 3.83 billion peso total it is estimated to cost to carry out the consultation.

According to the TEPJF’s ruling, the Secretary of Finance must respond immediately to the INE’s request.

As of Wednesday, Jan. 12, the INE has already acquired and validated 73 percent of the signatures necessary to complete the consultation, making the budget issues one of the final hurdles left to completing the vote.

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