Querétaro Soccer Brawl Leaves 26 Injured

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At least 26 people were injured on Saturday, March 5, when clashes between fans from opposing teams broke out in a soccer stadium in the central Mexican city of Querétaro.

According to local authorities, at least 26 people were injured during the brawl, two of them critically.

Querétaro Governor Mauricio Kuri, who visited some of the victims in a hospital on Sunday, March 6, called the fight at the Corregidora Stadium “shameful” and promised that it would be investigated by the state Prosecutor’s Office as an act of attempted murder

The fighting broke out during a match between between Querétaro and Atlas about one hour into the game, after Atlas, the reigning league champion, scored the first goal.

As the violence quickly escalated, security personnel opened the access ramps from the stands to the field in order to allow terrified fans to escape.

The Atlas players left the field and took refuge in the locker room, along with some players from Querétaro.

The match was suspended at that point.

Mexico’s top-division soccer league suspended all matches scheduled for Sunday.

“We regret and condemn these events, which run contrary to the spirit of soccer,” the Mexican Soccer Federation said in a statement.

Disturbing footage posted on social media showed rioters dragging people across the stadium, kicking them and ripping off their clothes.

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