Health Secretariat Sends out Call for 14,000 Medical Specialists

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Zoé Robledo, director of Mexico’s Social Security Institute (IMSS), announced on Tuesday, May 24, an open call to recruit and hire medical specialists for 13,765 unfilled positions across the country.

Speaking during the morning press conference of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), Robledo said that the states with the greatest need for specialists are Veracruz (with 1,641 vacancies), the State of Mexico (with 1,613 vacancies) and Michoacán (with 781 vacancies).

The five specialties with the highest number of vacancies are: internal medicine, with 1,753 places; emergency medicine, with 1,728 places; gynecology, with 1,572 places; pediatrics, with 1,517 places; and anesthesiology, with 1,367 places, he said.

Robledo said that the vacancies were due to the fact that many physicians in these fields have dropped out of their residencies.

The call for applications will remain open through June 3, he said, and the positions will be offered on June 7.

Interested doctors can register for the jobs online through the IMSS webpage.


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