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Following Mexico’s Sunday, June 5, elections, held throughout the states of ​​Aguascalientes, Durango, Hidalgo, Oaxaca, Quintana Roo, and Tamaulipas, there have been at least 59 complaints filed with the Electoral Crimes Prosecutor’s Office (Fisel) throughout the entire electoral process and a pending judicial appeal surrounding the results in Tamaulipas, showing Mexico’s well-documented electoral issues still persist.

The Fisel received its first 29 electoral complaints between Sept. 30 and June 4, while another 30 were filed across the election weekend alone, plus another 243 complaints through the citizen attention systems on Sunday, though the causes of said complaints have not yet been publicly revealed.

According to the National Guard (GN), which monitored the elections across all six states, there were no reported major incidents of violence throughout Sunday’s process.

In the northern state of Tamaulipas, contention arose between close voter turnout from the leftist National Regeneration Movement (Morena) gubernatorial candidate Américo Villarreal and the conservative National Action Party (PAN) candidate César ‘El Truko’ Verástegui, where Villarreal led the vote by 7 percentage points – the narrowest race of the entire weekend. Now, the matter of Tamaulipas’ newest governor is expected to be resolved in court, following an appeal by the PAN.

“There are going to be some details that are going to come out, and surely they are going to be prosecuted.That will be a matter for the lawyers,” said Verástegui at the time.

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