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No More Brassy Blondes

Nothing says beauty like a healthy head of long, luxurious locks. And should that hair just happen to be blonde, the impact of its sway increases at least threefold.

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According to a recent study conducted at University College London, lighter hair increases men’s ratings for youth, health and attractiveness in a woman by at least 40 percent.

But for all the innate benefits that living life as a blonde may entail, caring for auricomous tresses  — especially during the summer months, when the deadly trio of sea, sun and chlorine can wreak havoc on naturally flaxen and daringly bleached hair alike — can be a coiffeuse nightmare. While the summer season can stress out hair color of any shade, it is especially brutal on blondes. Whether golden-hued or full-throttle platinum, harsh environmental irritants can lead to dreaded brassy tones and ghastly green-tinged ends.

Fortunately, Nashi, the Milan-based haircare line that gained global renown for taming unruly tresses and making bad hair days a thing of the past with massive injections of argon oil, has just introduced a new collection of products especially designed for blondes, natural or otherwise.

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Nashi Blondy Joy Purple Shampoo removes every last trace of bronzy yellows and erosive greens from blond, lightened or streaked hair, and it also brightens and revitalizes dull white or ho-hum gray hair. Blondy Joy’s phosphate- and paraben-free formula not only boosts hair’s glow and manageability, but it also helps to nourish it at its roots.

There is also an accompanying Nashi Blondy Joy Purple Conditioner to reduce tangles and hydrate follicles, leaving your mane soft and radiant. And like all Nashi products, Blondy Joy incorporates collagen for strength and elasticity, keratin protein to protect against external damage, antioxidants to rejuvenate and elastin for resilience and natural style.

All Nashi products are made from 100 percent natural ingredients.

Infant Incense

The idea of burning incense in an infant’s room may seem odd (and, according to China’s National Library of Medicine, is definitely not recommended, especially for preemies, who can have delayed motor development), but for adults, a cloud of sweet baby scents can add one more element of tranquility and happiness to a home environment.

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That is why Aromaría, the Mexican incense and aroma therapy company that specializes in creating connections between innate memories and nature-based fragrances through blends of the most exclusive aromas of the world, has teamed up with the Mexican baby-care brand of Choupinet to recreate that wonderful scent of a newborn.

The new fragrance, called Lapin sur la Lune (Rabbit on the Moon), is a unique fusion of scents that embellish that wonderful smell of a freshly washed baby, recreating the most precious time for parents  with a fragrance memory that they will treasure forever.

The home fragrance, available in both perfumed incense sticks and sprays, opens with sweet notes of bergamot that expand into a heart of fresh orange and almonds, closing with a light aroma of musk.

This calming scent captures the magic, tenderness and love of a young family’s most precious gift, the new baby.

The new home fragrance is available online and in the Aromaria scent bar boutiques inside El Palacio de Hierro department stores, as well at Choupinet shops.


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