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Less than a week after Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) General Director Zoé Robledo announced that Mexico would be hiring 749 international medical specialists to come and work in rural areas of the country, Robledo revealed during a press conference on the morning of Tuesday, Oct. 8., that each of these contracted specialists will be paid 53,569 pesos per month for their work, among other benefits.

The specialists, who come from both abroad and within Mexico, will also receive flights, housing, food, transportation to their new residence, expedited and free immigration services, and a Christmas bonus, said Robledo, along with a savings fund of 78,320 pesos per year.

According to the IMSS director, Mexico has already received 2,067 applications for the desired positions, with 419 applications – 273 from foreign doctors and 146 Mexican doctors – accepted so far.

Robledo went on to reveal that 104 of the medical professionals will come to Mexico from Cuba, 83 from Venezuela, 21 from Colombia, 14 from Nicaragua, 12 from Bolivia, eight from Ecuador and six from Peru, alongside additional specialists coming in from the United States, Argentina and Paraguay. 

The IMSS director then noted that the high number of accepted applications from Cuban doctors comes as a result of Mexico’s close collaboration with the Cuban Ministry of Health and Cuban Medical Services.

Turning his attention to Mexico’s national call for Mexican general practitioners and nursing staff to fill open roles in Nayarit, Tlaxcala, Baja California Sur, Sonora and Campeche, Robledo said that there were more than 2,949 applications already sent in for a total 1,750 open general practitioner positions.

Likewise, there have been 1,051 applications sent out for 599 open nurse and speciality nurse positions, and Mexico has already received 12,248 applications for just 1,556 nursing assistant roles.

Robledo said that Mexico’s call to international specialists is still ongoing, noting that  gynecology, obstetrics and anesthesia specialities have received good traction in the current applicant pool.

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