Mexican Earthquake Rescue Dogs Awarded by Querétaro Governor

Mexican earthquake rescue dogs Orly, left, and Balam. Photo: Google



Querétaro Governor Mauricio Kuri González on Monday, Feb. 27, decorated search-and-rescue specialist Edgar Martínez Olguín, along with his famed rescue border collies Orly and Balam from the Mexican Red Cross’ Canine Search and Rescue Unit, with medals of honor in recognition of their courage and relief work in Turkey after the devastating Feb. 6 earthquakes there.

Martínez Olguín and his canine team helped rescue four people alive and 36 deceased during 11 days of operations in Adıyaman, Turkey.

Kuri González took the opportunity to announce that his administration will also pay for the purchase of a transport unit for the Mexican Red Cross, in his state that will benefit rescue dogs and their trainers.

During the ceremony, Martínez Olguín spoke about the team’s arduous 20-hour journey to Turkey and the below-zero temperatures they faced in the quake’s aftermath.

He said that during the days of the rescue, the dogs were well cared for by Turkish authorities and were provided with all necessary food, veterinary check-ups, rest, heating and shelter.

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