Two Planes Collide on Mexico City Airport Runway

Photo: Aeroméxico


Two commercial aircrafts collided Monday, April 17, at the Mexico City International Airport (AICM), between taxiways B and D, the air terminal reported through its Twitter account.

The crash occurred at roughly 4 p.m. between the wingtip of an Aeroméxico plane and the stabilizer of a Delta Airline plane. No injuries were reported.

According to Aeroméxico, that company’s flight AM117 from Mexico City to Ciudad Juárez, a Boeing 737-800, accidentally clipped the Delta Airlines plane, which was preparing to take off for New York.

The Delta flight was DL624.

The Aeroméxico passengers were transferred to another plane and continued their trip as planned with only a slight delay.

Early reports indicated that the accident was caused by government runway repair work, which had begun earlier in the day and which is expected to continue through June 11.

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