Turkey Sends Mexico German Shepherd Puppy to Replace Proteo

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A three-month-old German shepherd puppy arrived from Turkey at Terminal 1 of the Mexico City International Airport (AICM) on Tuesday, May 2, a gift from the Turkish government to Mexico’s National Defense Secretariat (Sedena) as a sign of solidarity and empathy, after the death of the rescue dog Proteo that participated in search-and-rescue efforts following the Feb. 6 earthquake in Adiyaman, Turkey.

The puppy will be part of the Mexican Army’s rescue-dog pairing program and will receive training for search-and-rescue efforts, public protection and the detection of narcotics, explosives and tracking.

After the puppy arrived at the AICM, a reception ceremony was held within the airport with the presence of authorities from Turkey and Mexico, including seven military dog handlers.

On its social media networks, the Sedena called on the Mexican public to help choose a name for the dog from among three options: Proteo II, Arkadas and Yardim.

Proteo passed away on Feb. 10 in Turkey due to prevailing weather conditions at that time.

In his last act of humanitarian aid work in Turkey, Proteo helped in the rescue of a minor and the recovery of 14 bodies.

Proteo was one of 10 Sedena dogs that were sent from Mexico to help in search-and-rescue activities in Adiyaman.

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