You’re in the Army Now!

Photo: Sedena


Just two days after arriving in Mexico from Turkey, the three-month-old German shepherd puppy that was donated to Mexico’s National Defense Secretariat (Sedena) as a sign of solidarity and empathy, after the death of the rescue dog Proteo that participated in search-and-rescue efforts following the Feb. 6 earthquake in Adiyaman, Turkey, now has a new name and a military uniform.

Official Sedena photos of the pup were released to the media early Thursday, May 4, showing Arkadas (which means friend in Turkish), as he will now be known, spiffed up in his military-issue khakis and ready to start basic training under Military Police Corporal Carlos Villeda.

The little German shepherd was checked by military doctors upon his entry into Mexico and is currently undergoing a medication and feeding program to meet sanitary regulations.

For now, he is under a 15-day quarantine under veterinary protection.
After this process, Arkadas will undergo a socialization process with puppies of his age and begin training.
At the age of a year or two, he will already be working as a rescue dog.

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