Search for Missing Call Center Youths Exposes 45 Bags of Human Remains

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At least 45 bags of human remains were discovered by authorities on Wednesday, May 31, while searching for eight missing Mexican call center workers who had disappeared from their workplace earlier in the month.

The human remains were found at the bottom of a 40-meter ravine in the Mirador Escondido neighborhood of the Zapopan suburb of Guadalajara in the central western state of Jalisco, not far from where the missing call center operators had worked.

Authorities searched the ravine site after Jalisco State Prosecutor Luis Joaquín Méndez Ruiz suggested that preliminary investigation work had revealed that “some bodies” could have been ditched at that location.

The eight missing call center workers — two women and six men, all in their late 20s and early 30s — had been reported missing as May 20.

According to Mexican authorities, the seven had allegedly been linked to possible involvement in an international real estate and extortion scheme, but no solid evidence was ever presented against them.

As of late Sunday, June 4, forensic experts had yet to determine whether the remains were of the missing call center workers, although Jalisco authorities acknowledged that  some of the body parts “appeared to match certain characteristics” of several of the missing workers.



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