Bodies Found in Jalisco Ravine Were of Missing Call Center Workers

Photo: Wiltshire College


At least some of the human remains found in 45 plastic garbage bags discovered by authorities at the bottom of a ravine in the central western Mexican state of Jalisco a week ago have been confirmed to be from eight missing call center works who disappeared from the workplace in May, Jalisco police said Wednesday, June 7.

The remains, which were discovered by authorities on Wednesday, May 31, were found at the bottom of a 40-meter ravine in the Mirador Escondido neighborhood of the Zapopan suburb of Guadalajara in the central western state of Jalisco, not far from where the missing call center operators had worked.

Authorities said that it was not yet clear if the call center workers were killed by the CJNG or whether they had been targeted by members of a rival cartel.

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