Chana’s Corner

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Back to School


Back to school
(Try not to cry)
Wow! Scented glue sticks
Protractors? Calculators?
A busy fuss
(That I’m horrid at math, we shall not discuss)
Holographic notebooks!
How many pages do you prefer?
We now have recycled paper
Look, this knapsack’s got faux fur
Oh-la-la, a pencil case
Do you hear its musical sound
Yikes this stapler’s a monster
weighing at least four pounds
What’s with all the pencils?
In my day, they were yellow — and be quiet
A zillion snack bins over here
All for the nut-free diet
We never use the drippy glue
So dangerous to inhale
It even just occurred to me
That’s why it’s on sale
You’re gonna have a great year!
With your spiffy duo tangs and binder
(School’s around the corner
Hey, just a friendly reminder)

Originally from New York City but currently living in Toronto, Canada, CHANA PERMAN is a Jewish poet, mother and learning strategies instructor. She holds a Master’s Degree in special education, and has worked in that field for 25 years. Her cherished roles as mother, teacher and guidance consultant provide inspiration and material for her writing, both prose and poetry.

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