Israel to Deport Andrés Roemer to Mexico

Photo: Google


The Israeli government announced Tuesday, Oct. 3, that it will deport former Mexican diplomat and author Andrés Roemer to Mexico on Monday, Oct. 16.

On Monday, Oct. 2, the Israeli Police announced the arrest of disgraced Mexican writer, with the Israeli Ministry of Justice then set to decide on whether or not to formally extradite the former diplomat back to Mexico in the days to come.

Roemer previously fled from Mexico to Israel back in 2021 following dozens of accusations of sexual abuse and rape against him, including 60 complaints registered by activist group Periodistas Unidas Mexicanas (PUM).

In 2022, Interpol issued a red card against Roemer over the sexual abuse allegations and called for his search and arrest.

After more than two years, the writer was finally arrested Monday following the Israeli State Prosecutor’s Office’s presentation of an extradition request Jerusalem District Court, said the Israeli Ministry of Justice, with considerations that Roemer is “extraditable to Mexico for the crimes of rape attributed to him in the extradition request.”

Mexico previously requested Roemer’s formal extradition from Israel five times since he absconded from the country two years prior.

Following the arrest, the Embassy of Israel in Mexico released a statement saying that “although there is no extradition agreement between Israel and Mexico, and since Israel is a country which respects the rule of law and not a haven for criminals, Israel has treated the extradition request with all seriousness and will continue to do so in the future.”

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