A scale model of the cancelled New International Mexico Airport. Photo: NAIM


After much back and forth between Mexico’s Superior Audit of the Federation (ASF) and Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) over the actual cost of the planned New Mexico International Airport’s (NAIM) cancellation, the ASF has confirmed that its initial report, which calculated that the project’s termination cost Mexico almost 332 billion pesos, was, in fact, accurate.

The ASF’s audit, released last February, determined the cancellation cost 232 percent more than the government initially estimated, figures that López Obrador vehemently denied and went on public tirades during his daily morning press conferences about, claiming he “had other data.”

AMLO’s backlash to the audit caused the ASF to initially backtrack on its calculations in an attempt to appeal to the irate president, claiming its numbers were incorrect, as López Obrador claimed, due to “methodological deficiency,” and sent the report for reexamination.

Now, following a secondary review by a special counsel created by the audit organization to tackle the issue, the ASF has announced its initial estimates were completely correct after all.

The review determined that the original audit was right, and reached such a high figure due to accounting for future estimates of legal, economic and financial costs that the government’s estimates failed to take into account.


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