Michelin Guide to Include Mexico Edition

Photo: Michelin


The Michelin Guide — considered to be the premiere gastronomic and hotelery handbook for gourmet food and luxury establishments worldwide — will include a 2024 Mexico edition with restaurants from five different regions of the country, the book’s international director Gwendal Poullennec announced Thursday, Oct. 19.

The new book, due out early next year, will include establishments in Mexico City, Oaxaca, Baja California, Nuevo León and Los Cabos, Poullennec said during a press conference in Mexico City’s stately Monte de Piedad building in the Centro Histórico.

“Michelin Guide inspectors have been exploring this beautiful country with its ancient, vibrant and cosmopolitan capital, stunning coastal areas, the enchanting beauty of Oaxaca and the rugged splendor of the Baja California peninsula for the last four years,” Poullennec said.

“My team of inspectors has enthusiastically embraced all the flavors this unique destination has to offer. From local cuisine deeply rooted in tradition and celebrating native ingredients and an abundance of high-quality produce to dining rooms where globally inspired creations are on the menu, Mexico has a wealth of fascinating and impressive dining options and passionate culinary talent.”

The new text will be the first Michelin Guide dedicated to Mexico, although three Mexican restaurants currently are rated with stars from Michelin, including Pujol, Quintonil and Condesa, all in the capital’s upscale Colonia Polanco.

The Michelin guide books have been published by the French tire company Michelin since 1900, and award up to three stars for excellence to a select few establishments.

Each restaurant or hotel is rated on quality and service, and the company employees 25 anonymous inspectors who travel the world fulltime reviewing potential candidates.

Poullennec did not say how many Mexican restaurants would be included in the new guide nor exactly when the book will be released.

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