Taco Consumption Down 30 Percent

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Thursday, March 31, was Mexico’s official Day of the Taco, but while this quintessential national dish still encompasses the essence of true Mexican cookery, rooted in pre-Columbian times, soaring prices have led to a 30-percent drop in taco consumption.

Higher costs for meat, lemon, avocados and tortillas have forced taco venders to raise the price of Mexico’s favorite fast food nationwide.

“We still sell each taco with two tortillas,” said Ismael Martínez, a taquero in Mexico City’s Obrera neighborhood

“But we have had to raise the price, especially due to the cost of the meat, and, as a result, people are eating fewer tacos.”

Martínez said that, on ever, customers are consuming two to three fewer tacos per order than they did a year ago.

“The average used to be seven to eight taquitos per order,  and now it’s about five,” he said.

In recent months, taco shops have adjusted the price of tacos by around five pesos, so that the average bill for two people now ranges from between 250 and 300 pesos.

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